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Facebook Intellectual Property



  • Ko Min Min



       My Facebook Page also got page breaches. They asked me to contact to your page. Your bulbheadinternational page complained about one of my post. But right now I am already deleted all the complain post. If I made the mistake about products, please forgive me. Please ask the facebook for me to work my page to normal. Thanks. My page name is MTH Online Store. I have no way to ask for this help. Please kindly do it for me. Thanks...

  • Ko Min Min

    Because of the Facebook Intellectual Property, my page got some limit and access to certain features or functionality on facebook. I also already deleted all of your property post on my page. So please reconsider and email to facebook for that case. Please withdraw the case for my page so that the facebook will restore all the features to my page. Thanks for taking time to read my message. My page name is MTH Online Store. The product your company complain about is "Egg Sitter Cushion".

  • Ko Min Min
    Hi Jorge Gonzalez (BulbHead International)
       I got this email from facebook client support team. They asked me the right owner to email to the relevant team. Please take your time to read the following sentence.

    Thank you for reaching out to the Facebook Client Support Team. My name is Tabby and I'll be assisting you on this case.

    I understand that your ad account has been disabled by Facebook and you would like us to reactivate your ad account at soonest.

    Please be informed that your request was rightly advised by my colleague under the Job ID (554054301803069). In order to get past this, I would also suggest you to contact the reporting paryies to reach out to Facebook via to withdraw the complaint and have your Account restored. This will ensure that your request will handled quickly and efficiently.

    Please note: This case ha been closed as the duplicate to avoid any confusion and miscommunication.

    Should you have any other concerns please feel free to reach out to us.

    Facebook Client Support Analyst
    My Account ID : 2220889627957493
    My Page Name: MTH Online Store
    Facebook Email:
    So please help me to solve this case. I am really appreciate thank for doing this. Have a nice day.
  • LJ Havana

    Ko Min Min this happened to my Facebook Account too. I can no longer log in to my account 😩

  • Jorge Gonzalez



    Please refer to your inbox, we respond case by case basis. The use of our Intellectual Property is strictly prohibited.

  • Bepos Prodaja

    Hello. Its there anyone who solved problem with Facebook and BulbHead?

  • Tacu Ciprian

    Hello..i have a problem with my bussine manager facebook, is enyone here to help me please? I allready delete the product i receive complain, how can i have my Page back please?

  • Rona Castaneda

    Hello. Please notice me. I'm Rona Layug Castañeda, a young online seller. You reported my post about HURRICANE SPIN SCRUBBER. Which is said, copy right infringement. I don't have any idea those photos in my post was yours. Please, I did not intention to copy your photos. My apologies. I need my FB account back. I'm a working student to pursue my goals and to help my family. Online business if may part time job. Please, I'm begging. My FB account was disabled due to your report. Please, response and notice me. Please, tell me what can I do to fix this. Help me. I'm very sorry for what happen. Thank you for consideration, and God bless

  • 谢楚敏

    hi(BulbHead International)

    My Name is xiechumin and i'm a managing director of HOREC Online shopping

    It just came to my awareness that one of our ad accounts got disabled which is very unfortunate. My assistant come to the conclusion when she logged into our business manager to go over our quarterly goal/spend for Facebook ads. Delete product posts with intellectual property rights.We should not upload Egg Sitter products.

    It is in our most interest to not perform actions that go against any policies Facebook has. We always consider the policies before taking any action before is creating campaign.

    However, I'm aware that the following guidelines might not have been considered. 'Adverts must not contain deceptive,false or misleading content, including deceptive claims, offers or business practices.' The copy we used in some of the ads might have been a form of misleading content. I've considered to not use these kind if triggers in the future .

    We are looking to increase our spend in Q4 of 2020 and would therefore highly appreciate of we could get our access to this specific ad account back.

    We are looking for a long term partnership with Facebook and will keep a stricter eye on the policies from now on.

    Please take our appeal into consideration.
    Facebook Client Support Analyst

    Kind regards,


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